Kalanjali, is a 400square ft Artspace, where the arts meet society, to inform educate and transform. It has started its journey from the 1st of November as a teaching and performance institute. Kalanjali believes that art is a language that is universal. Kalanjali is committed to excellence, innovation and the excitement of using the arts for change. We expect our audiences will range from arts-lovers to people in positions of power, the less privileged across the world, children and youth. Kalanjali under the mentorship of Salt lake City Prayasam, is committed to rear and encourage the youth talents in the field of various art forms together with exhibiting the Masters that helped in the construction of our cultural, social and national identities which is rich and rejuvenating. An ADDA space for All. For small Private gatherings.

From January 14, our Kalanjali is hosting a 3 day Photo Exhibition, " The Street Uncoiled " 

brings together the stunning works of 30 passionate, community photographers,who explore the streets of Dhaka & Kolkata in their own unique way

We look forward to a community of like minded people from different walks of art. If any of you on this page are interested to join us for this, please shoot us a text.

contact: + 91 8240047706

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Proudly presented by the Prayasam Visual Basics and Bangla Initiators of Community Photographers under the banner of THE STREET UNCOILED, this exciting exhibition brings together the stunning works of 30 passionate, amateur community photographers, who explore the streets of the cities of Dhaka and Kolkata in their own unique way. A photo tells thousand stories. The concept of aesthetic dialogue through visual art is close to Bengali artists who share a common bond but remain distant by the impenetrable line of control that divides East and West of Bengal. Last October, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, the largest international network of social entrepreneurs, hosted their Fellow, Amlan Kusum Ganguly, Founder Director of Prayasam and his mentees Saptarshi Ray, Social Media Director and Manish Chowdhury, Chief Desk Officer of Community Visual News Network and Prayasm Visual Basics at Dhaka. An Ashoka, Ford and Rockfeller Fellow for his signature concept of Area Health Minders, Amlan mentors youth through traditional and digital media to bring lifestyle changes in their neighbourhood and communities. Manish and Saptarshi trained Bangladeshi youth of Bangla Initiator in comics and photography, sharing Amlan’s concept of how visual media to be used as a tool in their present work of community advocacy and development. This was the first phase of collaboration in Dhaka and the second phase in Kolkata will showcase the work of young community photographers of the two cities through THE STREET UNCOILED. The name 'The Street Uncoiled', is taken from a George Mackay Brown poem, which is used as the point of departure to create the visual responses of these 30 individual young photographers to the street life of Dhaka and Kolkata. We hope that during our Kolkata-Dhaka Photo “Walk” at Kalanjali artspace, you will learn something about the history of both the cities and their fine heritage and tradition, whilst hearing a little bit about the local characters that the photographers have met while uncoiling the streets, from north to south or east to west, like sailors. So, before we set off up the main street of Kolkata and Dhaka through our photo walk, remember the words of George Mackay Brown who described the street as 'The street uncoiled like a sailor’s rope from North to South.' The Street Uncoiled by the community photographers of Bangla Initiator and Prayasam Visual Basics is supported by Adobe Project 1324 and Ashoka Youth Venture. Different youth enterprises have partnered at the exhibition. Ontrack Grassroot Management Institute is the event management partner, Prasaad the community kitchen is the food partner, CVNN is the youth media partner and PVB is the branding partner. The motifs and symbolic representation of the street life of Dhaka and Kolkata will adorn the exhibition space. With the influx of “Barbie culture”, our traditional toys which very much represent the Bengali lifestyle are on the verge of extinction. This exhibition aims to revive and going back to the roots...a kind of looking back to move forward. The green and brown toys still meagrely found during the Poush Mela and village fairs, the motifs like auto, rickshaw, totos, street food vendors, Bangladeshi toys brought Tangail, 125kms from Dhaka, will be installed through the exhibition venue. The exhibition will be inaugurated by a rickshaw puller, street food vendor and a civic police. Alongwith the exhibition, there will be cultural performances. The inaugural performance will be by Sudipto Shekhar Mridha, a Goan based Bengali mystical folk singer. He is a multi instrumentalist, extensively works collecting and creating Mystical Folk Musical tradition of India. There will be live show on the street food of East and West Bengal, poetry and snippets reading from the work of the renowned writers and poets from the two cities related to different aspects of street life of Dhaka and Kolkata.

Held at Kalanjali, 

THE STREET UNCOILED runs from Monday 14th - Friday 17th January,

from 0300 - 0800pm.


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