Curating Culture

Kalanjali is an Artspace where the arts meet society, to inform educate and transform. We believe that art is a language that is universal…arts for change. Kalanjali is a platform rearing and encouraging youth talents in the field of various creative art forms together with exhibiting the cultural, social and national identities which is rich and rejuvenating.

Upcoming Events ...

Protidin Prayasam Pronaam

The 2nd edition of Prayasam’s annual cultural extravaganza, Protidin Prayasam Pronaam, is all set to be launched on 1st of December. FESTIVAL FOR ALL, the theme for this year, will celebrate the creative talents and brewing culture of the Kolkata city. For 31 days, one can witness painting exhibition of women artists who first started painting at the age of 70 to medley performance by US Consular professionals to Mohini Attayam by 10 years old children to pop up shops by young entrepreneurs. Protidin Prayasam Pronaam is a platform for creativity, promoting inclusivity when the world stage is getting fragmented by factionalism.

Come let’s celebrate Kolkata’s unique culture irrespective of age, gender, socio-economic divisions…let’s celebrate creativity under the umbrella of Protidin Prayasam Pronaam.