Prayasam Timeline


1996 -2000 – Events

In the year 1996 Amlan with 4 of his friends started Prayasam. The main urge was to fruitfully utilize their ME time to WE time. The organization focused on one day event like cultural soiree to aware the people of the condition of the hard hit children. 3 areas were..Read More

After receiving recognition from the Media and other Agencies, Prayasam used the Media as Pressure Groups to combat Government’s specially, the local Government’s (read Municipality) inaction towards it’s legal citizens. And as a result Dakshindari’s RAC which was the dumping ground of the wealthy neighbourhood, was transformed into a soccer..Read More

2006 – 10 – Programme

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, is an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship by affiliating individual social entrepreneurs into the Ashoka organization. In the year 2006 Amlan was inducted as an Ashoka Fellowship and on the following year in July 2007, Amlan was invited by the Rockefeller Foundation to attend..Read More

2011 – 15 – Digi Media

Surely, this period can be termed as the DIGI PERIOD of Prayasam. From making their first film Khai Khai to reverse film making, our Young Advocates were completely hooked to the digital revolution. We introduced Film making Course for them and arranged yearly Film Festival. Prayasam was introduced to social..Read More

2016 – continuing – Enterprises

We have started planning for our enterprises way back in 2005-06. And thus when the Youth Advocates were roped in as Professional Development Workers in Prayasam we initiated our 6 enterprises almost at the same time. ONTRACK, PRASAAD, COMMUNITY VISUAL NEWS NETWORK, PRAYASAM VISUAL BASICS. COMMUNITY QUICK CALL SERVICES and..Read More