The proliferation of private news channels has been the biggest change in the last twenty years of news media. However according to veteran journalists, in present times, 3 “C”- Crime, Cinema and Cricket- have become the Trimurti. Hence the less TV-friendly but far more newsworthy areas such as health, education, environment, have lost out in the hierarchy of news. In the midst of such scenario, the most hard-hit is the image of communities in our country that is often viewed in the light of poverty and crime.

Prayasam working with the youth and adolescents from underprivileged communities for past 2 decades, has always felt the need to bridge the gap between this mainstream news and the community news. With the paradigm shift in the organization’s process of work, Prayasam is increasingly harping more on the use of technology and digital media to mobilize and sensitize the communities, in matters affecting their daily lives.

Community Visual News Network (CVNN) is the news wing of Prayasam and the product of Prayasam’s Social Media sector. It works with the organization’s HR sector, Communication sector and Documentation sector, highlighting and converging their work. The idea germinated in 2014 from organization’s past experiences. Since 2006, Prayasam has been developing newsletter named “Dedar Khabor”, which sought to sensitize children and youth about the various rights that they are entitled to, particularly right to information and right to participation. Presently this newsletter concept is being merged with technology, giving way to news media in the form of CVNN.

CVNN upholds news from and of the community are non-biased, non-sensational and brings forward the positive aspects of the community to an international platform. The objective is to breakthrough the grim projection of communities in popular news media. The youth will develop their own news hub where they will conjure news from their own communities as well as from the neighborhood. Bringing the “Real Heroes” to the Spotlight who are underrepresented in the popular news media, owing to their socio-economic background.