2016 – continuing – Enterprises

We have started planning for our enterprises way back in 2005-06. And thus when the Youth Advocates were roped in as Professional Development Workers in Prayasam we initiated our 6 enterprises almost at the same time. ONTRACK, PRASAAD, COMMUNITY VISUAL NEWS NETWORK, PRAYASAM VISUAL BASICS. COMMUNITY QUICK CALL SERVICES and KALANJALI.

Prasaad already started it’s base at the American Center by running its cafeteria.

The film-making process intensified. And now we have started roping in non-actors from different walks of life to encourage the mainstreaming process. Prayasam youth technicians are now training other organisations’ youth. To make film the voice of the Youth.

Prayasam Visual Basics now started taking outside projects with professional terms and conditions.

For our foreign and national interns and volunteers we have now our own guest apartments, Adorini and Aniket.

Prayasam has built it’s first ArtSpace for Kalanjali  and a newsroom for Community Visual News Network.

Johns Hopkins University also took advantage of our film making to instigate the Indian Health Policy makers to introduce to Diarrhea and Pneumonia vaccines easily available for the masses. And our Prayasam Visual Basics Team made a spot on these two life taking diseases and now these two vaccines are also given to the children along with other vaccines.

We initiated Youth Exchange Programmes with SDI Kenya, Bangla Initiators, Bangladesh, Destiny Arts Center,  Say Si of USA. And these global youth communicate with each other through films.

Our traditional media also got recognition. Puppetry, Indian Dance were taken by the American students and our facilitators were also covered by the US media.

From Child Area Health Minders we will now start nurturing the Community Ambassadors, leaving the nurturing of the community children to these Ambassadors.