2011 – 15 – Digi Media

Surely, this period can be termed as the DIGI PERIOD of Prayasam. From making their first film Khai Khai to reverse film making, our Young Advocates were completely hooked to the digital revolution. We introduced Film making Course for them and arranged yearly Film Festival. Prayasam was introduced to social media.

In 2012 we started our Ontrack, Human Resource Management Institute. The Youth advocates for the first time got the taste of a proper Institute where they can hone their Life Skills.

In the year 2011 Amlan has been awarded the Ford Fellowship by the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

In 2012 for the first time our Youth Advocates Salim and Sikha were invited to attend the Skoll World Forum at Oxford. They were the youngest speakers.  In 2013 the film The Revolutionary Optimists was screened in all over the US and Amlan, Salim and Sikha toured the length and breadth of America with the film crew. Attending Premiers, presenting in Panels and for media interface.

In 2014 The Revolutionary Optimists was screened in Scotland’s  premier film festival TAKE ONE ACTION and Amlan was invited as the Guest of Honour. And this film bagged the Best film Award in the Popular Choice category both in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We initiated the COMMUNITY EXCELLENCE AWARD, Pronaam, for our constituents.

During this period we started our popular Film Festival, Bad and Beautiful World. Apart from Adobe we tied up with Films Division of India and our films are getting invited to be screened at different Film Festival across the country. Like Mumbai International Film Festival and all.

Around this time period we felt that our Youth Advocates should get more exposure globally. And we opted for the Community College Initiative Programme offered by the US Government for the developing nations. Manish was the first candidate who went to North East Wisconsin Technical College. And then others followed.

Our Youth Advocates were getting invitation from different platforms to tell their life stories to inspire other youth.

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta organized various sessions with us to understand Prayasam’s business model and entrepreneurial attributes. Our Youth Advocates became the guide for the Management students.