We welcome you all to come & pitch with the young film makers. Sunday 10th April 3 pm - 5:30 pm At Aikatan , EZCC , Salt Lake Kolkata.     *    Recently the films made by our Visual Basics students has been screened at 14th International Film Festival Mumbai , Thank you Films Division of India for giving us this opportunity.

It’s the place where we live and work. These maps have been prepared by us. We call these “community map”. These help us in understanding the quality of our work. It helps us to comprehend where and how much has our yearly plan of action been productive or not. For instance, in the maps we have identified the spots which we think can be improved if we intervene or ensure very minor changes in our daily habits.In 2016 our principal work will be these site-specific. Our awareness advocacy is bound have far reaching impact on the community. Kindly see if our endeavour to improve the physical condition of these spots, you opine is appropriate or not?

If you want you can share or write us your ideas- you never know that you may become an important partner in our endeavour in making our community a better and improved habitat. And in this matter even you can get complete guidance of Prayasam like we get.The admin office of Prayasam functions at Salt Lake CG-65. Those amongst us who have been associated with Prayasam since quite an early age, have acquired skills in different matters and expressed aspiration for job, we have got the opportunity through Prayasam’s moto- “Earn while Learn”. Many of us didn’t have any experience of how to handle personal life with professional, thank God that we joined Prayasam’s Ontrack at the right time.


Now when we work as the colleague of our Dada-Didi, we realize how very intricate it is to work in the community that will have deep and far reaching impact. But the interesting aspect is different things like theater, sports, dance, song and music, drawing, shooting, birthday celebrations, repartee- all these make this very intricate job an adventurous one. That’s why even to this date we have never really been able to figure out how our work falls in right place, one after the other. And we wish that we may never be able to figure out in future as well. As then the excitement of the adventure will no longer be there-isn’t it?