Curriculum is necessary and important. Like any academic studies film too has its curriculum. The film issues are based on “History” (the past experiences) and “Geography” (the existing circumstances). The attitude of handling a film is largely influenced by the orientation which is “Bengali” though in the process of filmmaking the mindset is becoming smart, that symbolizes “English”. “Mathematics” is essentially involved, be it budgeting or distribution strategy. “Biology” is the reflection of self through the films and “Chemistry” is establishing networks within the community and outside, to reach out to larger society. The genre of films is suggested by its “Physics”. Unlike other curriculum which provides only learning, “Film curriculum” gives the scope of unlearning as well. It’s about sharing, correcting and rectifying oneself.

Camera has become the “third eye” for the youth filmmakers. Prayasam Visual Basics is the visual story hub that brings forward the issues of the community which are universally faced by people across the globe to an international platform. The children and youth are empowered through film making to identify their issues in a much effective way and these films when showcased widely in their communities and outside they are impacting in the minds of the community residents as well as to the local Administration to tackle the situation. Through this creative education, we involve, motivate, and support teens as they navigate the passage to adulthood while maintaining their interest and involvement in their community programs.

Prayasam is the sole recipient of Adobe Creative Catalyst Award-Project 1324- in the entire Asia for its innovative process of filmmaking which involves not only strengthening the technical knowhow but also developing a deeper understanding of Gender perspectives, societal norms, so-called tabooed subjects in Indian society.


This is the third year of Prayasam Visual Basics Film Festival “Bad and Beautiful World” in partnership with Adobe Project 1324 and Films Division of India, the production house of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The Film Festival will be held at SRFTI (Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute) on 4th June where 8 films will be screened-

Hanan (Repeated Killing)- It is a story about Corporate crime-how the members of an organization compel one of their colleagues to commit suicide so that in the garb of this “Man-made calamity” their fraudulence, greed, envy, lust-all gets hidden. The story unfolds the dark layers of human nature.

BishSwash (Poisonous Breathing)- This film is about how the elephantine ego of a person becomes the cause of ruining the entire system of an organization. It shows how in the process the protagonist basically shatters herself, her identity and her career.

Nirudesh (Missing)- It is a story of a simpleton boy and where he finally lands into in his venture to achieve an illusion, that is, relationship with a girl who is smart and outgoing. How the boys looses his childhood friend who was very affectionate towards him and also his position in the community youth group.

Jodi Kono Din (If Someday)- This film shows that living in a community is not a license that one has to live in chaotic situation, in midst of abuses and howling, litter and fights over trivial matters but even in a community life can be harmonious and peaceful. 

Treacher - Based on real life story, it is about a girl who takes stance for herself and determines to continue her education despite the fact that her teacher sexually abuses her. This film is about a teacher becoming a perpetrator, trying to take advantage of the girl.

BhaloBasha (Love Nest)- We often psychologically abuse our partners based on our suspicion without thinking how this impacts the relation; based on the issue of domestic abuse this film shows how the home and the relationship becomes a web of emotional violence.

Panchil (Boundary)- It is a story of every household-the distant relation between the parents and the child. The existence of an invisible boundary not only stops one to communicate with his/her parents but also denies the opportunity for the parents to communicate with him/her. Now the question is who is building this boundary-parents or the children?

Sujog (Opportunity)- This film shows the grey aspects of gender discrimination that exists in every family and how as a result the youth are suffering the loss. How ones gender becomes the deciding factor for ones availability of opportunities.

This project provides a platform for self- expression of marginalized youth and engage, experiment and explore in diverse forms of communication media to not only nurture their creativity, passion and original ideas, but also to give vent to their powerful views, perceptions and probable solutions to pressing issues and problems affecting their daily lives. The Media hub is creating opportunities for young filmmakers for ‘mind space’ , creative media research and interaction with peers across the globe, for an enhanced worldview, apart from acquiring technical skills.